What We Bring To The Table…


The pre-construction phase of a project is a crucial component in the development and construction process. Time spent early in a project’s planning stages helps to satisfy basic, but important questions of budget, quality control, cost and schedule. At AP Framing Inc., our approach to pre-construction service involves early planning efforts focused on managing the controllable variables of design and construction to provide the General Contractor, Owner, and Architect greater success as a project develops.

During pre-construction, the Senior Project Manager and Material Logistics Manager teams create initial schedules showing milestone dates that set the overall backbone for the project. This interactive process includes the General Contractor providing a road map that tracks through the project from cradle to grave. These initial documents set time lines that are reviewed, updated and maintained with every effort focused on consistent delivery dates set by the goals and expectations of the owner.

Similar to the initial budgets during pre-construction, project costs and detailed estimates can be created. This budget tracks a similar process during initial stages of the process and is reviewed, updated and maintained as well.

The following items are some of the keys to managing the pre-construction process.

Value Engineering/Constructability Reviews

AP Framing Inc. reviews the plans and specifications then offers suggestions that could result in time or money savings without sacrificing quality.

Long Lead Procurement of Materials/Equipment

Understanding and identifying items with a long lead time saves months of scheduling delays during construction. A proactive approach to this activity during pre-construction can have significant effect on the construction decisions that can shape the outcome of a project.

Material Need Evaluation and Scheduling

During pre-construction, the Senior Project Manager and the Material Logistics Manager go through all plan detailing in order to create field order forms crews will use in the field. Orders are tracked, monitored, and documented with written as well as photo corroboration. Throughout the project, all material orders are controlled by our Material Logistics Manager to ensure accuracy, reduce waste, improve quality, and eliminate extra costs incurred from excess items delivered.

Tracking Project from Start to Finish

Our team tracks scope, costs and schedules day to day, as well as for the full duration of a project. We provide written detailed reports weekly for projects, allowing final costs to be projected on a monthly basis.

All members of the pre-construction team make sure the project is properly staffed. An experienced project manager and staff are critical to the success of this process and can often be overlooked at this phase of a project. The involvement of design professionals down to field staff, who will be challenged with the construction of the project, will have involvement throughout the entire timeline of a project.

These are some of the items used by our team to facilitate pre-construction. Each member of the team brings their own skills and talents to complimenting this phase of a project.